Using GPS with Maps Video

This DVD instructional kit takes you step-by-step through the basics of using a topographical map, latitude/longitude and the UTM coordinate systems, and shows you how to make your map and GPS work together to get the most out of any outdoor adventure.

INCLUDES a Practice Map and Coordinate Ruler for plotting both lat/long and UTM coordinates with 1:24k topo maps (a $6.95 value as seen below).


  • Using a Topographical Map
  • Understanding Coordinate Systems
  • Using Latitude & Longitude with your GPS
  • Working with a Grid Ruler
  • Marking Waypoint Positions
  • The UTM Coordinate System
  • Finding your Position
  • Marking Waypoints with UTMs
  • Choosing the Right Topo
  • Scales, Formats & Tools


Item 13599/Using GPS with Maps... $24.95




1:24,000 Lat/Lon and UTM Coordinate Ruler

Exclusive slot design creates a 4-edged ruler that accurately measures positions in both coordinate systems on 1:24,0000 scale USGS maps. Units of measure include meters, miles, minutes-seconds and decimal minutes. This ruler is included with our Using GPS with Maps Instructional Video.

Item 45000/Lat-Lon Ruler... $6.95