Spider S3 Portable Flight Monitor



The Spider S3 is a portable, active flight monitor and position locator designed for use in light commercial aircraft. It has an integrated keypad and sits on the dashboard of your aircraft. The Spider S3 is easily mounted with an adhesive bracket and powered by the cigarette lighter plug or hardwired into the aircraft power, the unit starts sending your location as soon as it has power. The Spider S3 is perfect for recreational and commercial operators.

For only $995.

Easily dash mounted with an adhesive bracket and can be moved from plane to plane. Additional brackets are available for quickly moving Spiders between aircraft.

Plugs into the aircraft's auxillary power socket or can be hardwired. No STC required.


Efficient, integrated three-button keypad for convenient operation. Integrated GPS and Iridium antennas eliminate the need for external antennas and allow for quick transfer between aircraft.

Mark button

Mark button messages are pre-defined user messages set on the website and are activated by pressing the mark button. Up to four messages can be added. A 'mark button two' press would be two presses of the mark button in quick succession. For example, one of the four messages might be 'diverted due to WX'.

SOS button

Allows the pilot to send an SOS to support people who are set up in the website. Pilots or administrators of accounts set their own SOS recipient details online.


Like Radius, geofence allows you to control the number of position reports sent in specific areas. However, with Geofence the area is pre-set. You can set up to 6 Geofence regions. Each region can have specific reporting intervals (including no reporting) dependant on altitude, type of tracking used, and time. Geofence is often used by aero clubs and flight schools who do not require tracking within airfield circuits however need to track students flying outside of controlled air space. Each Geofence is $10 per Spider per month.

Speed up & Slow down reports

The Spider can send a position report when accelerating through a set speed (between 10 and 50 knots) and when going back down through the speed trigger.

Change of direction reports

The Spider can send a position report when the direction, from the last sent position report, changes more than the set angle. Angles allowed range from 30 to 90 degrees. This allows you to set the position reporting rate at a higher rate (for example 10 minutes on the Flexi-Plan) and then have the Spider only send more often if the aircraft changes direction significantly.

FleetPro Website

The Fleetpro website is where you view your organizations tracks, assign Spiders to aircraft and people, and where the permanent log of your flight tracks is kept.


Notifications allow you to send pre-set messages that you can customise to any people you like by email and mobile. All mark button press messages, take off and landing messages, Spiderwatch on and off messages can all be sent to specific recipients when one of the events occur.

spidertracks Mobile Apps

View the latest location information as well as the full track of each of your aircraft on both iPhone and Android phones.

Flight Data Specifics

Get a record of your flight data including how far you have flown, for how long, max altitude, max speed, how many flights and more. Some data is currently not available to all users.

Spidertracks API Access

API stands for application programming interface, and the spidertracks API allows you to send your data to third parties such as the US Forest Service for companies doing AFF work or the Australian Fire Service (NAFC). Please see a list of all current third parties able to recieve data from spidertracks. Some recipients, such as Flight Vector are able to feed the data into their flight management software.

  • INPUT VOLTAGE: +10 ~ +32 vDC
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: Nominal ‹ 100 mA at 12 VDC ; Max ‹ 1.0 A at 12 VDC
  • WEIGHT: 0.35 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.5“ x 4.7“ x 1.0“ (89mm x 119mm x 25mm)
  • GPS: Ublox Neo 6Q
  • UBLOX NEO 6Q: <1/29/29 seconds
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -13 ~ +158 °F (-25 ~ + 70 °C)
  • ALTITUDE LIMIT: 60,000 feet (18300m)
  • SPEED LIMIT: 971 knots (500 m/s)
  • GPS ACCURACY: Within 8 Feet (2.5m)
  • CERTIFICATION: DO160F sections 15 (category Z) and 21 (category M)
  • Certification Installation Is not required. Categorized as Carry On Equipment