Spider S6 Portable Flight Monitor


spidertracks Spider S6 Aircraft Tracker

The new Spider S6 incorporates upgraded electronics and the features pilots around the world have been asking for, including real time alerts for Altitude Events.

Perfect for the safety conscious operator, the Spider S6 sends SOS alerts and take-off/landing notifications. Its compact, portable design with integrated keypad will easily fit on the glare shield.

For only $1495.

Easily dash mounted with an adhesive bracket. Additional brackets are available for quickly moving Spiders between aircraft.

Plugs into the aircraft's auxillary power socket or can be hardwired. No STC required.

Active Watch

Actively track the aircraft as it sends position reports to the website. If an incident occurs and the Spider loses power, the website will automatically send an SOS message after 15 minutes of no communication.

Iridium Satellite Network

Global coverage is provided in real time by 66 low earth-orbit satellites, with the information reaching the website in as little as 5 seconds.

Three-button Keypad

Efficient, integrated three-button keypad for convenient operation. Integrated GPS and Iridium antennas eliminate the need for external antennas and allow for quick transfer between aircraft.

SOS Button

Allows the pilot to send an instant SOS to pre-set support contacts. Pilots or administrators of accounts set their own SOS recipient details online.


Set automatic takeoff and landing notifications through the website or press the Mark button to send position reports manually.


Specify tracking boundaries in up to five circular areas and set custom update rates or suspend position reports automatically when inside these areas. This can reduce the cost of operation when flying in areas where tracking is not necessary.

Spidertracks AFF/API

Allows you to send tracking data to third parties in real time, including US Forest Service, or share information with maintenance tracking software.

Speed up & Slow down Reports

The Spider can send a position report when accelerating through a set speed (between 10 and 50 knots) and when going back down through the speed trigger.

Change of Direction Reports

The Spider can send a position report when the direction, from the last sent position report, changes more than the set angle. Angles allowed range from 30 to 90 degrees. This allows you to set the position reporting rate at a higher rate (for example 10 minutes on the Flexi-Plan) and then have the Spider only send more often if the aircraft changes direction significantly.

Altitude Events

Know when something isn't right. Your aircraft can now alert you to changes in altitude and send position updates in real time.


Suspend position reports in a predefined circular area around your current location. Normal tracking will resume once you leave that area. The radius distance can be customized online. Only available with iOS Bluetooth hardware.

Onboard Memory

The Spider S6 collects and stores more detailed flight tracks data onboard the Spider to be downloaded after the flight.

Spidertxt Two-Way Text Messaging (Scheduled upgrade later in 2015)

Communicate with your pilots from anywhere in the world. Connect with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device through Bluetooth and send SMS messages and e-mails through the Iridium system.

Bluetooth GPS (Scheduled upgrade later in 2015)

Spider GPS sharing can send GPS data to your mobile devices, allowing your navigation apps to work reliably when you are out of cell reception.

  • INPUT VOLTAGE: +10 ~ +32 vDC
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: Nominal ‹ 100 mA at 12 VDC ; Max ‹ 1.0 A at 12 VDC
  • WEIGHT: 0.35 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.5“ x 4.7“ x 1.0“ (89mm x 119mm x 25mm)
  • GPS: Ublox Neo 6Q
  • UBLOX NEO 6Q: <1/29/29 seconds
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -13 ~ +158 °F (-25 ~ + 70 °C)
  • ALTITUDE LIMIT: 60,000 feet (18300m)
  • SPEED LIMIT: 971 knots (500 m/s)
  • GPS ACCURACY: Within 8 Feet (2.5m)
  • CERTIFICATION: DO160F sections 15 (category Z) and 21 (category M)
  • Certification Installation Is not required. Categorized as Carry On Equipment