spidertracks Overview



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Spidertracks is a GPS aircraft tracker and a recognized, cost-effective solution for companies required to carry AFF tracking systems to meet government contracts.

With minimum installation, low on-going costs and website convenience, it will manage your air fleet for maximum efficiency while providing accident location and SOS messaging for immediate and precise SAR response.





Hardware + Iridium + Software = spidertracks

Spidertracks System

Spidertracks hardware is completely portable with no external antenna, and runs on auxiliary power such as a cigarette lighter socket so it can be moved between aircraft. With no installation or certification costs, you just plug it in, get a satellite fix and take off.

The Iridium Satellite Network ensures aircraft can be located wherever they fly around the globe. The system is a proven success in fleets across North America, Australia and the Pacific, from Antarctica to Mongolia.

The spidertracks website lets you view your flights, set up your account, assign Spiders to aircraft and people, and archives a permanent log of flight tracks. The website is fully customizable to suit your business. You can change map views, view multiple aircraft or vehicles on one screen, and set the position update rate by time or distance. It's all done online. There are no user fees or license to access the website and you decide who can view your aircraft.


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Spidertracks active tracking turns on automatically when the aircraft takes off, sending the aircraft's position from the Spider location transmitter in the aircraft through the Iridium satellite network, and displays the track of the flight on the website in real time.

Satellite and web-based communication simplifies the logistics of managing your fleet. You have complete command and control of your aircraft because you know exactly where every aircraft is, at any time, wherever they are. Operations managers can coordinate the movements of the fleet easily from anywhere, because they can see where all aircraft are on one screen.

With spidertracks you don't have to rely on your ELT surviving the crash to be found and rescued. When in monitoring mode or when activated, spidertracks will automatically send out emergency text and email alerts if the aircraft has an accident. These are sent to the pilot's nominated contacts, with a link to their track. The location of the crash is known to within a 2-3 km radius based on last reported position, speed and altitude. SAR has to do very little searching and can find the people fast - saving lives.