John BeckerMany of our contracts cause us to be operating remotely and we also have aircraft descending into the Grand Canyon, where providing positive radio contact can be a challenge.

Finding a tracking system that would suit our operation was essential to improve the safety of our fleet and passengers. Spidertracks meets that need and has proven to be extremely reliable."

We find spidertracks to be extremely accurate, locating our aircraft wherever they are to within a few feet. The system takes the search out of search and rescue. If an aircraft has an emergency or needs to make an unscheduled landing in a remote area like we experience in the desert southwest, spidertracks can activate our emergency response plan by sending out alert messages to everyone on our emergency response team. It will tell us exactly where the aircraft is and helps them go directly to them without delay.

Spidertracks also helps to keep the honest pilot honest! Because 'big brother is watching' we can monitor what any of our pilots are doing at any given time. This is so important to our operation where we have multiple operators flying in tight flight corridors where deviations on the flight route could prove to be problematic."

John Becker - Director of Operations, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, Nevada


Murray Paterson

"I am a firm believer that spidertracks in a valuable tool to aid any future recovery if we happen to have issues while flying around New Zealand.

"I am a firm believer that spidertracks in a valuable tool to aid any future recovery if we happen to have issues..."

It's got to be a great investment to be able to give yourself and passengers a better chance of being pinpointed very quickly in an emergency.

Operationally we use it all the time to follow where our aircraft is and how progress is being made on any particular flight. I think having spidertracks on board and having the ability to flight follow on the Internet, especially when operating into areas where there is no radio coverage, and to know your family can see when you have landed safely, is worth while."

Murray Paterson - Mosgiel, New Zealand


Sundance helicopter

Sundance Helicopters

"We chose spidertracks because of its ease of installation, the excellent website tracking solution, reasonable acquisition costs, and the fact that two-way communication is available. I also found the spidertracks people very easy to deal with and always available to help.

Our pilots have to notify us they've landed safely. But 4000" down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon not even satellite phones will work reliably. With the spidertracks keypad, the pilot just presses the button and it sends a message that he's landed safely."

Kurt Barton - Director of Operations, Las Vegas


Stewart Barnes

"When consumer satellite trackers became available I thought it would be a great idea for me to allow my family and friends to keep tabs on my location as I enjoy the Alaskan outdoors.

What better safety net could I ask for than to let those who care about me most watch for unusual location activity. When SPOT came out I never wanted the messaging service it offered but was excited for the tracking. But my SPOT was completely unreliable. Since a tracking system depends on the transmitter to report positions, missing position reports defeated the purpose. That forced me to seek out other tracker options and I happened to read a story about spidertracks.

"From the first use it was apparent that this system was far superior to what I had used prior."

I jumped on board and activated my service using two minute reporting intervals. From the first use it was apparent that this system was far superior to what I had used prior. Each ping was received and had an attached data bubble that showed speed, altitude, heading, etc. What a great tool. As the system matured I became familiar with the automatic messaging that texts people I choose and alerts them that I've taken off or landed. My wife and daughter have come to appreciate that feature a great deal. And with the Spiderviewer app on their iPhones they can see precisely where I am at any given time.

I consider it an important partner in my flying safety and a welcome assistant in communicating my activity and locations to the people I trust. If I have a problem out in the Alaskan bush somebody will know about it and will dispatch help. I'm very pleased to have that safety tool at my disposal. I highly recommend the spidertracks service to all pilots who venture off the beaten path."

Stewart Barnes - Anchorage, Alaska


Heliwest helicopter


We purchased our first spidertracks flight-tracking unit at the end of 2007. A few years on and we are now spidertracks biggest customer in Australia, having over 29 helicopters tracked by Spiders.

We have helicopters operating all over Australia and up into Papua New Guinea and spidertracks gives us real time location coverage wherever they are. From our operations room, with a big screen and projector we can quickly and easily find the exact current location of all helicopters. We also check their status at any time via the iPhone app.

One of the first features we like about spidertracks is the simplicity. Because the Spider is portable we can easily transfer our units between helicopters as they go out on to jobs. They take only a few minutes to install and even less time to set up on the website. And the website also allows us to customise each Spider as required. If we need to change the reporting rate, we can do it quickly via the website, even when the helicopter is already flying.

One advantage of spidertracks is the easy ability to show flights in real time and post flight information at any time to our clients. This gives them confirmation about where we have been working and allows them to plan work for us as well. Having spidertracks on board has helped us win some contracts over the past few years and some clients actually ask if we have Spiders on board.

Spidertracks is an extremely important part of our operational and safety management. Our pilots and clients rely on spidertracks all over Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Kim Herne - Safety Manager at Heliwest, Australia


Shorland Air helicopterShorland Air

I currently operate an AS350 Squirrel helicopter in my company Shorland Air Services Pty Ltd based at Marlo in far East Gippsland. The majority of my work is contracting to the NSW government agencies on a 'Call When Needed' basis. These agencies include the NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW National Parks & Wildlife, SES, and the NSW State Forest Department .In January this year, I was contracted to Bourke in far Western NSW for flood relief on the Darling River system, where the helicopter flew for 93 days, and accumulated some 300 flying hours .The NSW Rural Fire Service was responsible for our tasking to the job, then we were working for the NSW State Emergency Service. One of the criteria for getting this tasking was because we had spidertracks fitted to the aircraft, and the Rural Fire Service and SES were able to monitor our movements at all times, with fixes on us every two minutes, which was required by the agencies. This gave them our position in Lat & Long, Height, Ground Speed, and heading, which they were very impressed with, and was very comforting for me, as we were operating in a very remote area.

All you need to do is give access to your account, and they can login and follow you where ever you go, hold a SARWATCH for your trip, which is so easy to do. I purchased my Spider from Shane Gillard who is based in Mount Eliza in Victoria, and he has been terrific to deal with and always very helpful with any queries or problems, which I have had very few.

Shane`s email address is shane@spidertracks.com.au , and I can highly recommend him to anyone who is contemplating the purchase of a spidertracks unit. Finally, I honestly believe that all aircraft including fixed wing should have spidertracks fitted in the near future, as it would save millions of tax payer dollars in search and rescue, as search aircraft can pin point your position, and be on site ASAP saving lives, time and money.

Grant Shorland - Chief Pilot and Director at Shorland Air Australia